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Born in Lucca, she spent her childhood in the silk and tulle of her grandmother's tailoring workshop, which gave her a sense of elegance and taste from an early age.

Serena grew up in the world of Tuscan craftsmanship, she worked for years in the family business, from which she was able to develop and increase her qualities in the world of footwear and accessories, both creatively and commercially.

At the age of 20 he began traveling all over the world, between London and Paris, Hamburg and New York, up to his beloved Mumbai, where he learned the techniques of hand embroidery and developed a strong sensitivity in the combinations of fabrics and colors.

In 2008 in Paris she met Edoardo and fell in love with him.

She combines her own experience with that of him, who comes from the world of clothing and together they open a creative workshop in the footwear district of Lucca, making their craftsmanship available to the widest range of customers possible.




Edoardo Filippo, son of a psychoanalyst and speech therapist, finished the classic tired at the Machiavelli in Lucca, he moved to Bologna, where he began his university career at Dams specializing in art history and cinema.

Great photography enthusiast, he collaborates in famous advertising campaigns.

In the early 2000s he entered the world of clothing with his own brand, 19.58.

In 2007, during "WHO'S NEXT" in Paris, he meets Serena and with her he begins this wonderful experience, combining his skills and competences with hers.

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